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Forgiveness in the News

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"The Gazebo reflects life from hate to tolerance" article: "It is a message of tolerance that Lebenstein delivers again and again to schools without charging a fee for his presentation. 'Ever since I started talking about it, I have a better life. It got rid of my hate, and probably saved me,' Lebenstein said. 'Most of my adult life was dominated by the hatred inside of me, and it almost killed me.' "



Kenyan president urges forgiveness in addition to justice as a way to peace:



Beautiful article about an American Civil War memorial that speaks to "loss, reconciliation and peace and having hostilities be behind you." The article mentions Pres. Lincoln's movement to emphasis forgiveness as a way of bringing the country back together after the war. (We need a Garden of Forgiveness in Gettysburg!!): http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/10/19/MN0E13FNVK.DTL


Great quotation from Mandela: "Men of peace must not think about recriminations or retribution; courageous people don't fear forgiving, for the sake of peace." http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/oct/12/mandela


"Lesson in forgiveness: Man taught to live in jungle by Indian who murdered his missionary father":



Mother forgives the girl who killed her daughter, but does "not condone what she did" (it's so important to distinguish forgiveness from condoning!!): http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23557566-details/'Why+I+forgave+the+girl+who+said+sorry+for+killing+Charlotte'/article.do


Dawson County chaplain promotes forgiveness


DAWSONVILLE — A remembrance held Thursday morning at the Dawson County Law Enforcement Center encouraged forgiveness.


"Everyone here remembers exactly where they were when they first heard the news," said Chad Rogers, one of two chaplains for Dawson County Public Safety. "Every individual that is standing here this morning was affected in some way, in some fashion, and is reformed by what happened in 2001.


"But if we can’t leave here today with only the thought of forgiveness in our hearts, we’ve robbed ourselves of a great blessing."


The ceremony ended with an observance of the national moment of silence at 8:45 a.m., the time recognized as the moment when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City.


Times regional staff writers Julie Arrington, Jennifer Sami, Frank Reddy and Michele Hester contributed to this report.




Forgiveness between a father and son on tv show:



Tough, but wise, advice on forgiveness... I especially like the last line: "anyway, my darling, bitterness will just dry you up inside":



Admitting mistakes and asking forgiveness in medical malpractice:



Read this beautiful blog entry about the documentary "The Power of Forgiveness":



A powerful story of forgiveness and transformation from the life and death of Catholic Saint Maria Goretti:



A kind offer of forgiveness, so as not to impede personal healing:



Desmond Tutu cries for forgiveness on behalf of South Africans who have been persecuting foreigners in their country. The recent wave of violence against foreigners is due to the view among some South Africans living in poverty and unemployment that foreigners are taking jobs that should belong to them, thus causing their current state of economic misery. Tutu begs his fellow South Africans to stop their violence and to stop scapegoating foreigners, saying also that economic equality in South Africa must be pursued with renewed vigor:



AMAZING TRUE story of forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. A three year old girl, accidentally shot and paralyzed, forgives the man who fired the gun. In this video, he thanks her for giving him a second chance, saying "forgiveness is good," and her forgiveness of him makes him want to be a better person and find ways to give back to his community. The wise little girl apparently thanked him for his "apology video," saying that it can inspire many many more to not carry around guns and not do "bad things":



"Researchers, regular people know forgiving is right choice":



Article about "The Power of Forgiveness" documentary out on DVD!



"Event focuses on lives affected by crime, justice" and trees were planted by juvenile offenders to symbolize categories of crime, but also growth, renewal, and forgiveness. The redbud trees represented forgiveness:



"Teen Indicted in Family Murder; Pastor Urges Forgiveness":



"Murder victim mourned," pastor encourages forgiveness:



"The Pope is Coming": The Pope speaks of peace and justice through forgiveness, and also talks of the importance of taking care of the environment. Maybe he would give his blessing to Gardens of Forgiveness around the world!



Apology for shameful era of sanctioned slavery in Florida; "In order to bring finality, I think there has to be forgiveness": http://www.palmbeachpost.com/state/content/state/epaper/2008/03/27/m1a_xgr_slavery_0327.html


"True Redemption on Iraq Mistake Requires More Than Saying You’re Sorry" article, "What do the chastened ones plan to do to earn the forgiveness of some four thousand nice new widows and widowers, grieving moms and dads, confused and disoriented - and orphaned children? THOSE are hearts and minds that need winning, too.":



"Jesus held on to his ideals, his forgiveness, his love" - about how challenging it is to love and forgive: http://www.wcr.ab.ca/columns/rolheiser/2008/rolheiser032408.shtml


Transcript from interview with Garden of Forgiveness co-chairs for "Shift in Action":



“Forgiveness is the most powerful healing tool I've ever found,” said Holub. “I love to share it.” Article about 3rd annual Winter Wellness Fair: http://www.mtshastanews.com/articles/2008/02/27/news/area_news/01wellness_fair.txt


On God's overabundance of love, mercy and forgiveness:



The Dalai Lama stands for forgiveness and nonviolence, and may resign if the violence between the Chinese government and some Tibetans doesn't end:



Unknown baby given gracious burial by community, prayers said for the family of the baby to seek forgiveness:



"Mayor Pleads for Forgiveness" and takes responsibility for the hurt his actions caused:



Solidarity, love, and forgiveness in Iraq as "Muslims join Christians for Mass":



In article "It’s time for post-abortive women to heal," women study how "biblical women offer lessons of forgiveness and renewal to post-abortion women":



"Love heals, forgives, and makes whole" in "Tacio: All about love":



"Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves" is a lovely article, but we at The Garden of Forgiveness disagree that forgiveness involves forgetting. On the contrary, it is very important to remember - for every event in our lives makes us who we are, and we can become stronger when we move from victim to victorious through the power of forgiveness, as Father Michael Lapsley says. Alexandra Asseily says that forgiveness is removing the "sting" from the memory; we remember without getting angry and raising our blood pressure and desire for revenge. For more on this subject, see blog entry: http://gofnyc.blogspot.com/2007/11/olmert-addresses-annapolis-mideast.html

Here is the article "Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves":



"Perfection not the aim of our quest," forgiveness central to it: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23113400-24909,00.html


“Those directives cite forgiveness, peace making and love of neighbor as the prerequisites for the common ground of agreeing to disagree":



Forgiveness and healing linked in "Uganda Diaries":



"forgive yourself - and forgiveness of yourself and others is my main suggestion to you on this New Year's Day. That, and gratitude." - Positive ideas for New Year's Resolutions:



"Memorial Garden" for murder victim will be a "tangible sign of that forgiveness" (of the murderer): http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/story/103159


"Man apologizes for killing 80-year-old":



Great article "forgiveness is a gift to yourself" (why is forgiveness considered weak?!): http://www.kauaiworld.com/articles/2007/12/09/news/news08.txt


Jesus as "Prince of Peace" teaches to forgive generously:



"My whole attitude has changed," said al-Momen, who is on her fourth hajj. "Every time I come here I become more forgiving.":



Nice suggestions for Christmas gifts (consider, too, these as gifts you could give every day, all year!): "Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect." http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2007/dec/09/garden-tips/


"Christians, Muslims pledge to seek common ground," forgiveness involved:



A father speaks eloquently about how forgiveness helped him after the death of his daughter:



Forgiveness in a horrific tragedy: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1026745_shame_of_cheating_husband


'Forgiveness is hard, but it can set you free': http://living.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1627352007


"True peace," in Sri Lanka, will come "only through forgiveness and reconciliation":



Napalm victim Kim Phuc has dedicated her life to promoting forgiveness and reconciliation:



Oprah Winfrey asks for forgiveness in wake of sexual abuse allegations at her all-girls school in South Africa:



"In the Middle East, where vendettas are commonplace, and the revengeful “eye for an eye” mentality reigns, Kurds are practicing harmony and friendship even with their foes. Since the Iraqi liberation Kurds, as a gesture of good will, have granted many contracts to Turkish companies and entrepreneurs, and have engaged in every proper neighborly action to attempt to establish a good relationship with Turkey. It is telling to see how Kurds responded to Turkish intolerance with good deeds and forgiveness." http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=42542


"Son, Anger is a learned trait. It is a weakness that is used as a defense against dealing with things which we would rather avoid. DO NOT LEARN ANGER. When you feel anger, pray with your whole heart for the source of that anger. It is the only escape. There are only two things which can change this world, they are forgiveness and love. This is a hard lesson. Remember Christ was angry only once. Remember you get to choose how you feel." http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_linh_din_071021_onward_2c_christian_so.htm


"John Paul II’s example of forgiveness" in Philippine news:



Asking forgiveness for not being responsible stewards of the earth:



"Students pitch in after vandals hit memorial," includes forgiveness of perpetrators:



Forgiveness central to Jewish observance of Rosh Hashanah:




In Islam, "All righteous deeds should be concluded with Istighfaar (seeking for forgiveness)": http://www.gulf-times.com/site/topics/article.asp?cu_no=2&item_no=178066&version=1&template_id=47&parent_id=27


"Only forgiveness and compassion can pave the way for a peaceful future," says Rauf Naqishbendi in an address to the Kurdish community in North California. Article, "On referendum for an independent Kurdish state": http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=36096


"A peek inside Gaza's most infamous clan" gives a glimpse into a position of nonforgiveness and revenge:



An interesting, even provocative, understanding of forgiveness

Frances Lawrence’s eloquent plea on behalf of her family’s rights reminded me of her words when she launched her awards for young people. People kept asking her if she forgave her husband’s killer. She said she wasn’t sure that forgiveness was in the scheme of things for her and her children’s shattered lives. “I’m not saying ‘rot in hell’,” she told me. “I hope the killer too will make something of his life. But I feel that it’s somehow almost society’s need to ease its collective conscience, to give itself some comfort, some control and to simplify life – a sort of laziness, to want to think ‘Oh well, she forgives him, so that’s all right’.” http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article2308824.ece


A courageous act of forgiveness as "Lawson found guilty of second-degree murder":



Murderer plants "garden of hate" in the lives of victim's family, asks for forgiveness:



The need for forgiveness at the end of life:



Forgiveness is needed after Virgin Mary statue destroyed:



No forgiveness where "death could have been avoided":



"The Great Terror: In Stalin's Birthplace, Forgiving and Forgetting":



A Catholic comedian on how she was able to forgive, and how it helped her in her life:



"He wiped out Greece's Jews. Should he stand trial", an article about justice vs. forgiveness:



"Faith Intertwines With Political Life for Clinton," New York Times - Forgiveness is important in the religious life of Hillary Rodham Clinton:



"Crash victim's mourners comforted by his example" - Kenneth Ventura's parents offer a message of forgiveness:



Interesting mention of forgiveness and repentance in "Jihad and its moral impediments":



"Barton: Inmate Dad -- Father's Day and a Wish for Forgiveness":



"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem," an article that speaks of Muslims, Jews, and Christians agreeing that "to find peace, there needs to be reconciliation with forgiveness": http://www.spcm.org/Journal/spip.php?article12444


"Art of Aging' a helpful and hopeful primer," speaks of forgiveness and aging:



"Church ministers consider and experience reconciliation":



"Dalai Lama brings message of compassion" and speaks on the distinction between forgiving and forgetting:



"Contrite Corzine Asks State To Forgive Him":



"Christian Grit," mentions an example of forgiveness in Turkey:



"It is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," one woman's thoughts on the issue of forgiveness as it relates both to 9/11 and the Virginia Tech massacre:



"Compassion: Students Forgive Virginia Tech Killer":



"Prior prays for vandals who damaged statue":



"CBS pulls plug on embattled Imus." This controversy may "trigger a wider debate about expression and forgiveness": http://currentargus.com/ci_5655558


"Bishop urges faithful to be 'artisans of peace'":



"A Drive to Help Others Forgive," an article from The Christian Science Monitor that references the Journey Films documentary, "The Power of Forgiveness," in which the Garden of Forgiveness concept is exlored: http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0125/p13s02-lihc.html


"The Garden as a Bridge," from a mainly Christian perspective, this article looks as resentment as a weed in the garden of our souls:



"An extraordinary story of forgiveness" after the Rwandan genocide:



"Home is where the heart is... even in prison," Madre Antonia says, "forgiveness brings freedom":



"Rabbi to discuss embracing the ‘sacred messiness of life’" - In the article, Rabbi Kula says, "Forgiveness doesn’t mean everything is better; it means there’s an understanding and we move on.”: http://www.jewishtucson.org/content_display.html?ArticleID=207920


"The Struggle to Forgive" - Rev. Kincaid says: "There must be something beyond retribution. Forgiveness is that 'something other.'"



"Forgiveness is powerful but complex", an article about the Garden of Forgiveness at Ground Zero, as featured in Journey Films' documentary "The Power of Forgiveness":



TOM BROKAW IN RWANDA: Listening to the voices of genocide


Tom Brokaw, co-chairman of the IRC Overseers, recently went to Rwanda to visit IRC programs that are helping Rwandans to reestablish trust and rebuild their communities after the country's horrendous genocide. “Ninety-two people in my family were killed,” a survivor and mother of four told him. “I try to adapt and be peaceful in my heart, so that if any of the prisoners come to me and say ‘I’m sorry,’ I will definitely forgive them.”


See photos and learn more



Read Tom Brokaw’s interviews ("Rwanda - JUSTICE AND FORGIVENESS")



"Forgiven but not forgotten: Wife recounts her struggle in dealing with the 'despicable sin' of child porn":



"Forgive me, says Noida serial murder suspect":



A wise and articulate piece by Margaret Jarek, entitled "Forgiveness is only real liberation," Dec. 2006:



New York City, 2006 - Yoko Ono recently submitted a letter to the New York Times urging readers to make December 8th, the day her husband John Lennon was killed, a day on which to ask forgiveness from those who have suffered and continue to suffer in the world. In this way, One writes, each year we can work on healing ourselves and, by doing so, heal the world. The New York Times full-page spread was entitled, "Forgive Us":


"December 8th is near again. Every year, on this day, I hear from many people from all over the world who remember my husband, John Lennon, and his message of peace. They write to tell me they are thinking of John on this day and how he was shot and killed at the prime of his life, at age 40, when he had so much life ahead of him.


Thank you for your undying love for John and also for your concern for me on this tragic anniversary. This year, though, on December 8th, while we remember John, I would also like us to focus on sending the following messages to the millions of people suffering around the world:


To the people who have also lost loved ones without cause: forgive us for having been unable to stop the tragedy. We pray for the wounds to heal.


To the soldiers of all countries and of all centuries, who were maimed for life, or who lost their lives: forgive us for our misjudgments and what happened as a result of them.


To the civilians who were maimed, or killed, or who lost their family members: forgive us for having been unable to prevent it.


To the people who have been abused and tortured: forgive us for having allowed it to happen.


Know that your loss is our loss.

Know that the physical and mental abuse you have endured will have a lingering effect on our society, and the world.

Know that the burden is ours.


As the widow of one who was killed by an act of violence, I don't know if I am ready yet to forgive the one who pulled the trigger. I am sure all victims of violent crimes feel as I do. But healing is what is urgently needed now in the world.


Let's heal the wounds together.


Every year, let's make December 8th the day to ask for forgiveness from those who suffered the insufferable.

Let's wish strongly that one day we will be able to say that we healed ourselves, and by healing ourselves, we healed the world.


With deepest love,

Yoko Ono Lennon

New York City, 2006"

(as published in the New York Times, November 2006)


Reuters UK, "Invoking Lennon, Ono asks suffering souls to forgive":



The Christian Science Monitor has produced an excellent four-part series entitled, "Africa After War: Paths to Forgiveness." From Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Liberia come powerful examples of the healing and restoration that forgiveness enables. For this wonderful resource, visit:



"Forgive doesn't mean forget":



"In Amish village, forgiveness lives":



"On Religion: Forgiveness defines Amish response":



"'Forgiveness' helps Rye woman through loss":


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