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Ground Zero, New York City

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"Forgiveness is powerful but complex", an article about the Garden of Forgiveness at Ground Zero, as featured in Journey Films' documentary "The Power of Forgiveness":



In an online poll created by Journey Films, the company putting together a documentary entitled "The Power of Forgiveness," between 2-4% of voters supported the idea of a Garden of Forgiveness at Ground Zero. The strong opposition to the concept shows that the issue of forgiveness hits a deep and strong nerve. Forgiveness is challenging, especially when faced with the utter horror of unmerited violence on such a large scale. To read more about this, please visit: http://www.dashgoestochurch.blogspot.com/2006/09/problem-of-forgiveness.html



An interview with Rev. Lyndon Harris:



9/11 widow speaks of forgiveness:



Rev. Lyndon Harris shares stories from the ministry at St. Paul's Chapel after 9/11, and adds a reflection on his journey to forgiveness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvPlDPTFR0M


"I Dream a Garden"

(Poem by Rod A. Beckström, January 17, 2002)


I dream a garden

With a great fountain in the middle

And above a golden sun

I dream a garden

Where four streams flow down from the center

To the corners of the world

I dream a garden

With a museum to remember

These victims

And others

I dream a garden

With steps of forgiveness

Which grow from tiny to large

I dream a garden

Of prayer

I dream a garden

Where wounds heal

I dream a garden

That provides a step towards peace

I dream a garden

Where each gives forgiveness

To each

And to themselves

I dream a garden

In New York City

I dream a garden

Where so many souls lifted to heaven

One blue day

I dream a garden

Consecrated in their loving name

I dream

A Garden of Forgiveness

Leading to peace

Growing and glowing

In God’s bright shining light

I dream


Rod Beckström is Chairperson of Global Peace Networks, which catalyzes and

supports networks of CEO's working for peace worldwide.



Garden of Forgiveness at Ground Zero design by McGuinn/Gardner/Perera:


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