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London, England

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Official Websitefor the forgiveness garden in London: http://mercury.soas.ac.uk/roofgarden/


The School of Oriental and African Studies has a modern Japanese-style roof garden designed by Peter Swift and opened in November 2001 by the donor, Mr Handa.


The main features are a karesansui (dry landscape) with rocks, a chequer-board planting of lemon thyme alternating with grey pebbles, an engraved water basin and a raised platform for performances. The garden's theme is 'forgiveness' and it is a space for quiet contemplation and meditation.


Source: http://www.opensquares-loirevalleywines.org/

(Go to "List of Gardens," Sector: Central London - Bloomsbury, SOAS Roof Garden)


Another mention of the SOAS garden in "Roof gardens":


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