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Poughkeepsie, New York

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The Poughkeepsie Forgiveness Project, a group of community leaders working with the Garden of Forgiveness organization, is currently looking for space on which to develop a local Garden of Forgiveness. Their website is www.forgiveforgood.org. Contact them with your thoughts and suggestions!


"Breaking the Cycle" Assembly in New Paltz:



On October 20, 2006, co-chairs of the Garden of Forgiveness, Rev. Lyndon Harris and Dr. Fred Luskin, held a symposium at Vassar College entitled, "Why Forgive?" Dr. Luskin moderated the panel, which consisted of Rev. Harris, Director and co-chair of the Garden of Forgiveness; Lynn McGuinn, a 9/11 family member who lost her husband in the attacks; Kiese Laymon, Professor of English at Vassar College who has considered the implications of forgiveness in literature; and Philip Carr-Harris, Director of Dutchess County Interfaith Council. The discussion was provocative and inspiring, with each speaker offering his and her unique perspective on the possibilities and challenges of forgiveness.


(Panelists Lyndon Harris, Lynn McGuinn, Kiese Laymon, Philip Carr-Harris)


On October 21, 2006, Dr. Fred Luskin offered a four-hour training in his forgiveness method at Vassar College. Dr. Luskin walked participants through a series of exercises that would enable them to work on practicing forgiveness in their own lives.


Poughkeepsie Beat article on the October forgiveness events at Vassar College:


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