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Sacred City Project, NYC

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The Garden of Forgiveness is the work of Sacred City, Inc., a duly-registered 501(c)(3) educational non-profit in the state of New York which seeks to teach about forgiveness as a strategy for both personal healing and wellness, as well as conflict transformation and peacemaking.



By creating a global network of Gardens of Forgiveness, we hope to offer venues around the world where individuals and communities can reflect on the hurts and horrors that befall us as human beings, and then choose to make the world a better place by releasing anger and grievances and not reciprocating violence with violence.



Our work is a continuation of the multi-faith effort to respond with dignity to the attacks on 9/11. While the attacks on 9/11 demonstrate what can happen when rage, religious passion and cruelty mix, Gardens of Forgiveness will offer permanent and poignant reminders that there are always alternatives to violence.



To learn more visit: www.forgivetogive.org


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